snobby teachers who do everything by the rule book

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snobby teachers who do everything by the rule book

Postby emelina11 » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:53 am

I go to this high school for student observation and the teachers there are really snobby. I ask them questions and try to get information out of them about teaching and yet, they act as if they are too special to talk to me. All they want me to do is sit in the back of the class & shut up. Also, I have assignments that I have to do with the students in the school, but because of the snobby teachers I can't do them. I have to find ways to do them with other people after school. What's even worse is that they & the assistant prinicipal are already judging based on a few screw-ups that happened to me which 1 of them wasn't even my fault! The stupid organizer for the student observation completely forgot about me and I had to email him to remind him about me! I ended up missing 1 day of observation & the assistant prinicipal already thinks that it was MY fault for missing that day because THE STUPID ORGANIZER DIDN'T TELL HER ABOUT MY SITUATION! Then, because of that day I end up getting reported by the AP because I was late (The lights went off in my house @ night, I got up late because the alarm didn't went off, & I live about 1hour, 30 min from the school - so tell me if that's not a good enough excuse for you)! Now I'm going to have to wait to see if the stupid organizer will come to the school tomorrow &tell me how I shouldn't be late for school when his dumb self was late for assigning me a school! 1 more thing - 1 of the stupid teachers that I'm observating was acting fake w/ me. She tells me that she understands why I was late & was acting sweet& nice in front of me. YET, her big fat mouth was the 1 that got me in trouble by the AP for being late! Woman, if you got a problem with me being late, TELL IT TO MY FACE!!!!& then tell on the AP on me! Don't act phony towards me& then decide to tell! I would have understand if you had just told me what was wrong!
NOw I have to find a way to finish my hours as soon as possible because I'm so behind in doing them and I really hate being in that school! :x
Thanks a lot, HSOFI :x
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Re: snobby teachers who do everything by the rule book

Postby g-man » Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:46 pm

I GO to high school but i still feel your pain because instead of the teachers being snobbish it's the student body they are all rich rich rich not that i have any problem with wealth it's just these children were brought up to believe that they are the only thing in this world that matters and have HUGE egos if u say even so much as a "You're and idiot" (jokingly) they get mad at you and the teachers encourage it!!! AAARRRGGHHH!!!! I HATE my school too!!!!!!!
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