Teenagers piss me off

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Teenagers piss me off

Postby SilverReject » Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:34 pm

i have an extremely LONG RANT. I Hate people in general but its not just people ,its stupid ignorant teenagers.

1. Stupid Drama- These kids literally think that their relationship stuff is the most important thing on earth. I mean HONESTLY? do you REALLY think your gonna last 4 years of high school and on? They screw up their lives for their relationships. They think they are the rare couple, the "Romeo and Juliet". well you know what...YOU LOSERS WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DAMN COFFEE!!! Is there nothing more important in life? grades? friendship? family? hobbies? self respect? like what the hell is wrong with you naive idiots? I cannot WAIT till see them grown and say "oh my god i'm such an idiot why'd i screw up my life for that?" I guess it annoys me because these people claim they're in love, when its just really lust -_- and they can still date. While i on the other hand had no "physical" contact with the guy i liked, barely saw him, but i had to break up with him out of respect for my family...GGRR.. and also maybe because these kids are my friends and they don't listen to me and i'm just watching them mess up their lives..

2. Copy Cats- This rant is pretty short. IF they like who your are, They want to be who are. Not only do they want to be you, they want to be a "better version". These stupid teens are the most conceited, lifeless, wanna be's....-_-

3. Liars- Promising to be best friends. and then when it starts getting bumpy and you try hard to save the best friendship, they either want to be just friends or let it go.. :cry: ....i'm pretty sure everyone can relate to that.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby ihatefred » Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:23 am

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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby SilverReject » Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:54 pm

im a teen to >.>, but there aren't a lot of teens like us
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby ihatefred » Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:53 pm

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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby ManyBeforeUs » Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:03 pm

I am a grown man(not really(grown part)) and that stuff sounds like it would piss me off too. But, i think i have some good advice. Remember this kids: No one gets out alive... So, no matter what, you're wasting your time. So, go ahead and get in that violent relationship, play romeo and juliet, copy each other, and just make a life with a false direction(school, marraige, ect). second thought....Just keep doing what you're doing.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby Ali-Sama » Sat Jul 18, 2009 12:46 pm

it isn't about age. It is about maturity. People act like this even when they turn 50. Some are not overt about their behavior but it shows.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby troutmask » Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:07 am

teenagers are worse than ever,spoilt brats,they need discipline,put them breaking rocks,followed by solitary confinement and bread crusts with water.remember something like nothing happens everywhere.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby SatanicLlama » Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:49 pm

I completely agree, i hate teenagers.. for the reasons you stated..
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby PlagueXIII » Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:13 am

I detest teenagers. What's worse is that it's no longer a 'phase'. Teenagers these days usually stay obnoxious, drunk, stupid children for the rest of their lives. I see this more and more every day. The only people I feel comfortable around is the elderly.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby gaypansy » Sun Aug 02, 2009 4:11 pm

I'm a teenager but I do agree. There's so much bullsh!t being in high school. Mostly everything the OP said is common in girls, but more of the things that seem to bother me are with the guys because everyone thinks they're so tough and cool. Everyone is either picking a fight or trying to go through with one.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby Lyndavan2010 » Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:35 am

I am a senior in high school and i completely agree. I understand that those teaches a person somehow in life, but why do people have to be so ignorant.

1. [u]Stupid Drama[/u]: They don't understand that the majority of them are not even mature enough to be in a serious relationship. However, they date for 6 months, propose, have sex, 2 months later break up. Wow, that's their serious relationship. Oh yeah, then they rant about how the other move on so fast. then a week later they are going out with someone else and claim that they are in love. Teenagers are going through puberty and are just plain horny. So when they meet someone attractive and they "talk" about something serious, then oh gosh, they are apparently in a serious relationship. Drama isn't even focus on the relationship, they are with their friends, because oh dear, their best friend is dating their ex, so now they aren't friends. really? and they take things out of perspective and ACTUALLY believe it and start rumors. And when I tell them to talk to the one person first before they tell anyone else who will tell every other person. what did they do? look at me like i am stupid and then say that the person is going to only lie, and then they make up more lies. yeah great job you hypocritical douches.

[b]2. [u]Copy Cats[/u][/b]: I could go on about this. These people who copies me, come to dislike me, and put me down because of the things they had wanted. Ex. I am nice to everyone and help everyone, so everyone likes me. They say that everyone likes me only to use me, and that I really have no personality. Then they go around TELLING people that they are willing to be used. And they do the things I did. And when I got converse, she would ask if they were mine and i said yes. then she made this disgusted face. a month later she bought the same converse.

3. Liars: I hate liars, i understand everyone is a liar but some lies are un-needed. Also, I agree about the whole friends thing. My so-called best friend promise to be best friends forever. Of course I never believed so, since high school relationship are not as strong and when you use the word "forever", it is never forever. :cry: Well, I got busy and she did too. And i couldn't hang out with her because I live 30 minutes away. Well we stopped hanging out and rarely talk for a month and then apparently we are "loosing one another". I mean really? I have separate life. I have to care for my siblings, I can't always hang out with her. Anyways, I always have to go to her house, she never bother driving 30 minutes to see me. And when I call she does not feel like she wants to talk, but never calls me. What happened to the "forever"? Correct, never existed. She still claims that we are best friends but when some one thing happen in my life she does not know about, then gosh, we are becoming less of a best friend.
I hate immature people. Therefore, I am always hanging out with people 5- 30 years older than me. They are people that I can relate to and hold the same or similar beliefs are morals as I do. That is why I am to have a more serious relationship with her mother than her.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby ineedtobefree » Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:09 pm

I also hate teenagers, and I am a teenager.
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby SilverMoon123 » Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:55 pm

i dont hate them ...i hate their way to be!!!
Seriously they havent asked themselves if there are more important things in life than screeching and barking to each other?!! in school some of em' make fun of meh and i tell them to GO THE HELL AWAY.Sometimes i wish i had a GIANT MUTE BUTTON to not listen to them ... i dont need them...(some people say that humans can't live without relationship) but sincerely i'm happier without them, when they're besides me i feel so uncomfortable that i sweat but when im in my room ALONE i feel a lot better (seriously who needs them -.-).they are too young and they see every girl like a "sex toy" and then he go and talk to her and then they are "FRIENDS??!".

I only feel comfortable around the elderly like sum1 already said.
But i do want to know where are the teenagers that think like me (except here) because i have'nt ever met one of them where i live. because they are soooo occupied with their false relationship... they arent even friends because they use each other conversations to not feel alone....the other day a "friend" of theirs didnt come to class and they said "he probably ded XD" "isn't that a good relationship" i said >.<!!!
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby Norton01 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:52 pm

i pretty much agree with everyone...i don't think it is actually the teenagers fault though...i am 19 and i used to be the same way back when i first started high school...then i dropped out in the beginning of 10th grade due to all the bullsh*t that high school is these days... i started college right after i dropped out and and doing fairly well for myself and i definitely don't act like i used to...

i think that we were born the way we are but its more or less products of our environment (high school)....has anyone that posted a reply ever met a teenager that was home-schooled???well i did when i was in college and its in my opinion that they are a heck of a lot calmer and sometimes even a lot more intelligent than your "Average" teenager...why is this???because they weren't mixed in the melting pot of high school with all the other people...

i personally think that if most of the problematic teenagers would turn off their TV's , study a book, and quit trying to be better than everyone else, then the world would have one less thing to worry bout...at least i think so 8)
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Re: Teenagers piss me off

Postby Chaos_is_law » Mon Sep 07, 2009 7:40 am

It's a maturity thing rather than anything else, I'm 17 and know that I'm not going to be in a "Serious" relationship for a long time, because that's utter BS, I see all the stupid kids getting pissed at their friends because they are dating the girl they fancied and other idiotic behaviour.

I'm also the subject of Copy cat like idiocy just because of the way I act, generally because I don't like most of the people I come into contact with it makes me seem cold and distant, which for some reason attracts idiot girls to me because they want to change me, so all these other morons see these stupid girls fawning over me and think "I must be misanthropic lolol, I hate everyone". Which just makes Misanthropy look like a scene these days.

But, yea, teenagers piss me off too. Bunch of twats with too much free time.
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