I can't stand the sight of people

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I can't stand the sight of people

Postby dr. misanthrope » Wed May 17, 2017 5:52 pm

I simply can't stand the sight of people. Even hot women.

I'll also admit that the people of my own race, I can't stand them. It's not that I hate my own people, it's just that I hate everyone.

The way I would describe it is saturation. I simply can't take it anymore. I like nature and animals. Animals have the good sense not to take so many photos and videos of themselves all the time, or act all showy and important.

My philosophy is anti-humanism. It's not that I'm a monster. It's just that I think this story has gone as far as it can possibly go. We need to go away for a bit and let the animals take over again. And who knows, maybe one of their branches will evolve into "intelligent" life somewhere down the line.
dr. misanthrope
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Re: I can't stand the sight of people

Postby HINGE » Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:18 pm

The sight of people or having to be around any people makes me sick, I could barf. I hate the human race beyond belief. All the people caused shit in my own life is enough to hate, loathe and despise the rotten human race, and the horrible things people do all over the world is another reason to loathe the rotten evil human race. I hate everything people do. I hate men, I hate women, and I hate kids. I so hate these women who keep spewing out disgusting babies and over-populating the world. I hate the sight of human babies. They are the grossest living things on the planet and then they grew up to be horrible adults.

My animals are the only living things I love in this shitty world.
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Re: I can't stand the sight of people

Postby DiamondsInTheSky » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:46 pm

Me too. I especially hate being surprised by the unwanted company in the elevator, on the narrow street, sidewalk, or when I'm laying out at the pool. And the well-placed damn pedestrians and solo cars when it's finally my turn to go.
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