People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

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People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

Postby LurchyMurf_53 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:44 am

Some of the worst people I have ever met in my life, were religious people, ESPECIALLY christians. To any of you who are religious on this board, don't take this the wrong way please as I'm sure you are most likely the rare kind of decent religious people but man it angers me to no extent. It's funny when these so called "christians" belittle you for your beliefs and such but when you throw their own bible verses back in their faces (you know, the ones that don't condone being shitty to people) they don't know what to say. Most of them even go as far as calling me "a liar" because they've never heard of those verses (most likely because they've never actually read the friggin' thing to begin with). One experience has always stuck with me and that was when I witnessed a bunch of christians at work bullying a hindu because of his beliefs. They were talking religion (I worked on the line with them) and the hindu guy was being very respectful but the others weren't. Calling his religion "bullsh!t" and fake and Jesus would cleanse him of his sins and etc... blah blah blah. It angered me that I saw these supposedly "good christians" behave this way, attacking another person because his beliefs were different than theirs, so I did what any rational, logical, kind hearted human being would do: I took his side and shit down their throats. Needless to say they don't speak to me anymore. Don't think I'm talking shit about christians because I'm not. I've met some decent christians in my life but I've also met A LOT of shitty ones too. Same goes for atheists. I'm an atheist myself but there are a lot I don't like. The point is again: I hate people that use religion to excuse their shitty behavior aka I can be as shitty as I want to other people because I believe in ______ and when I die, he'll forgive me and my sins.

f**k outta here with that bullsh!t.
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Re: People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

Postby dr. misanthrope » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:10 pm

That's what religion basically is. One giant excuse for humanity.

Funny how religious people are the greediest, nastiest, stupidest people you encounter, and the people who have given up religion or only participate a little, they are some of the nicest, smartest people you encounter.
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Re: People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

Postby Grumpybeyondbelief » Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:22 am

Being religious and dumb go hand in hand.
Lets face it, most religious people are pretty stupid. Smart people are more likely to question something they are told, whereas
stupid people just believe anything. This is why religious people are also usually bigots. Someone tells them gay people are bad and
they blindly just go along with it.

I wouldn't single Christianity out for critisism though, they are all as bad in my eyes. Islam for example is absolutely horrific!
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Re: People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

Postby Fantasylife » Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:17 pm

A lot of it is brainwashing. From their early years, they're usually raised by fanatical parents who would disown them if they questioned their faith. Then there's the schools. When I was a kid, I went to a Christian school for six months (my parents aren't religious it was just close by) if you didn't say a prayer before eating lunch, you were in trouble,If you didn't sing along with the hymns, you were in trouble. Even miming would piss them off. If they could sense disinterest in what they were preaching, you were in trouble. They hated independent thought, and a student with his own views was more or less an enemy of the teachers and was vilified for their beliefs. It was pathetic. It wasn't "do you believe?" instead it was "you WILL believe, whether you want to or not." I can't even imagine what the religious schools must be like in the states. It makes no difference to me if someone is religious but I think it's ludicrous that some of them go to such extremes to force their beliefs on others.
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Re: People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

Postby medusaxxx321 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:30 pm

I live in the BUY BULL belt, so I see it all the time. Also I was raised in the church and know my scriptures. It amazes me how many who run around in 'Blessed Girl" shirts and the like don't know the BUY BULL themselves. A friend of mine was raised by a Pentecostal preacher and she doesn't know the BUY BULL, either. I have also noticed that the ones who are the most devout are the ones who are the most poisonous of individuals. For the record, I am an atheist.
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Re: People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

Postby HINGE » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:19 pm

My lazy crap roommate is one of those nasty Christians. Greed, greed and greed. I have never met a more greedy person or more selfish person. Never worked, treats people like shit, gets weird when doesn't get own way. I actually hate this person. They can go to church all they want, but it never changes the shitty way they act. It makes them worse. Another reason to hate useless and worthless people. :evil:

People like this makes me question the existence of God.
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Re: People who use religion to excuse their shitty behavior

Postby alpha480v » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:37 pm

I think the original poster is talking about the "fake" Christians who profess to be holier than thou but are just as bad as everyone else. Jerks come in all shapes and sizes, both Christians and Atheists.

I am an Atheist and don't care whether anyone else believes in "god" or not. To me someone's belief is their own business. To me all that matters is what can be tested or proven by science. Religion can't be tested, thus it is false. No need to go on about it. That is just the way it is.
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