The Nature of Humans

By Deranged_Society


What do you hate about Humanities nature?

* our innate sense of self importance and how insignificant and futile everything that defines the human race is – and our willingness to put this fact to one side and blindly run around like rats in a maze of socially constructed boundaries.
* our greed, conscious self preservation (yet subconscious self-destruction) and overbearing attachment to offspring that are so helpless and pathetic at birth and grow up to be equally non-self sufficient and dependent on others to live.
* our willingness to idolise people/things so readily, yet turn our nose up at and put down others. Coupled with our tendency to reverse the two at whim.
* how secure and comfortable we??ve become in our existence.
* how we willingly accept the shit that??s fed to us from corporations and the media and readily dumb our minds down to the lowest common denominator.
* how every aspect of society, philosophy, religion, entertainment is always at some point taken to an extreme by some section of it.
* our supposed innate moral code and everyones constantly changing version of it.
* our willingness to turn on the weakest.
* how we behave when in groups.

These may not apply on a case by case individual basis (though I think at least some of them will apply to everyone, I know they do to me anyway) but they certainly all apply to humanity as a general concept.

If I came into a school one day with the mental capacity/mind of a human but the body of an animal would I be considered a human?

I would define whether you are human or not as who you are in relation to your biological parents or the species from which the sperm and egg were donated.

In the first scenario – if you are born from human parents but then decide to somehow get your brain transplanted into the body of a dog (for example) – you are still human.

Yet if you were born as the result of the product of, say, human sperm and an egg from a dog and resulted as having a dog body and human brain – then you are not human.

Yes, this is perhaps somewhat of an arbitrary distinction because the end human/animal formed is essentially the same. But if one has to draw a distinction somewhere – this is how I would draw it. If you had reference to concepts such as emotions, morals or other values that people attribute to being human over being an animal, it becomes to vague and subjective to be ever practically possible to draw a distinction between the two.

Essentially if you are born from exclusively human genes/DNA you are human and can never lose/alter that. Conversely, if you are not born from exclusively human genes/DNA you can never become human (sorry Mr Bicentennial ‘Man’).

That’s my take anyway!

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