Something that troubles me philosophicaly

By PhenProximo

Patinthehat wrote:
I disagre that life is just simply meant to be lived. I think that turns people apathetic… and they do not have something to strive for which makes them feel cold.
The quality of your life has little to do with how many goals you set for yourself, or what the nature of those goals is. Given the freedom to do as they truly wish, I think you would find that most people would NOT be content to sit around and masturbate. People want to do things, because people are inherently creative – and not just in the artistic sense. People want to build, tinker, think, speak, feel, and experience life in ways that are meaningful to them.

Wanna know what does cause apathy? Spending your entire childhood being systematically prepped for the privilege of spending the next 40 years waking up unnaturally early five goddamn days out of the week (assuming you don’t work on weekends) and sitting for eight or more hours in a friggin’ mind-numbing grey box, performing a repetitive set of tasks that you don’t particularly enjoy and certainly don’t care about, with the aim of pleasing some faceless hierarchy out of which a paycheck is periodically crapped out so that you can have the freedom to retreat to a shitty apartment or home in the suburbs each night, too exhausted to eat anything with a higher nutritional value than cat shit, and fall asleep by the compressed cacophony of a shrill, endless parade of televised lies that serve to confuse your worldview and sap your imagination. Shit, this kind of lifestyle sometimes causes plain old vanilla insanity! Apathy and masturbation are some of the better pastimes.

Your life was best lived before you could talk. Did you need to “strive” for anything then, so that you could have some sort of artificial (i.e., not felt) “meaning” in your life? Hell no – you did as you pleased. That, I think, is what LucidDreams was talking about. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

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