F**k it, I Quit

By: Mental


To me “off the grid” means just that – not connected to and paying for electricity or other utilities – but that doesn’t mean you have to do without those things. Just because you don’t want to play societies game doesn’t mean you have to become a caveman.

Indeed. It’s not a question of shunning technology, its more or less how to live without relying totally and helplessly on it. There is no sense of adventure, or pride in forking over two weeks of labor for rent and utilities every month. In fact, I personally feel like a tool to participate in such a process. But, given the current structure of society, there is no choice in the mainstream life.

It occurs to me that perhaps, most people subconsciously want a simpler, more natural life. We read books about it, we emulate it in design, we decorate our homes with little bits of it, we carefully select it in the store, we are really craving nature itself.

A beautiful morning fog over a lake, waving grassy meadows, wildlife teeming and spawning all about, the smell of fresh cedar and pine, food straight off the plant and onto the plate, cool nights cuddled under a blanket stargazing… this is just a fraction of what we have lost as a society.

Why trade that beautiful sort of life of for a prepackaged, soul-crushing, chemically contaminated people-herd lifestyle, in cookie-cutter homes, jobs, divorces, cars, and ballgames. Where is the peace in that? We wonder why our children cut themselves and turn into thugs, emulate Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, drink, drug and *Read the TOS* themselves into oblivion?

Because deep down they know. It’s hard to even articulate as an adult, but a growing child has this 6th sense that tells them they were sold a false bill of goods. They were lied to. Doctors do not heal, the courts kill justice, freedom is slavery, food malnourishes, schools misinform, jobs dehumanize and people are vicious animals.

And how can we have the heart to tell them they should suck it up and continue this hideous broken lifestyle? They should have to build the grid out and pave the stone and answer the phones and retail the stores? Where is their say in this? Where was MY say?

Why does everyone I know have enough bullsh*t in their ballsacks to tell me I am OBLIGATED to sweat and bleed contributing to this hideous farce?!

Why haven’t we had our Moses? Why hasn’t God punished the pharoahs of today?

Because there will be no God or Moses to help us, we must help ourselves. Ask the Jews, the North Koreans, The Russian Gulags, The Native Americans, or just about any other people who ever lived under the sun. People deserve exactly what they tolerate.

And this is already far too intolerable.

My children will be free and live in beauty. I will do anything, everything in my power to make this happen. If its a log shack in a remote region, so be it. There has been too much lost, and there is too much of a future at stake for me to stupidly selfishly sit comfortably here and watch football until I die a senile old man, having lived a useless life.

There’s much more to life than this.



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