Cigarettes and other things you smoke

By Hell_Is_Other_People

Cigarettes are blameless – you at some stage made the conscious, voluntary, and calculated decision as a sovereign individual with something resembling free will to partake in a dangerous, inane, and purposeless habit. Don’t blame cigarettes, blame your defected impulse control. A heroin addict can’t attach blame to an insentient powder for the inevitable consequences of the habit. Sorry champ, that’s just the way it is.

Having endured this myself (smoking, not heroin), and recovered before I irreparably damaged my physical health, I can’t sympathize with someone who would knowingly suck smoke into their lungs to ease tension that is in fact created by the presence of nicotine in the first place. Smoking doesn’t reduce tension – it simply creates the illusion you are ‘relaxed’ when it’s simply a physiological response to the equalization of nicotine levels in your body that would not exist if you didn’t smoke.

In short, it doesn’t reduce stress, but compounds it by creating a habitual dependency on a literally cancerous substance.

Smoking for stress and pain relief was implemented in the Western world during the 18th century, when leeches, snake oils, and hot brands were used to cure ailments. We left those primitive treatments behind, there’s no reason for smoking to exist in this century. Unless you’re Charles Bronson, it’s unnecessary.

I apologise for the brutish obnoxiousness of this post, but smoking is an inexcusably moronic habit and belongs with the burning remnants of other shameful historical habits humanity has managed to embrace and periodically discard as we gradually come to grips with the inescapable, immense stupidity most of us seem to blindly live by.


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