Behind the Facade of the US Army

By timanonymous

This post relates to why I hate people by focusing on one segment of them, their military.

The US Army is a sham. Before I start to explain why, I would like anyone reading to know that I completed my enlistment (4 years) and was honorably discharged during the current Afghanistan conflict.

My military service obviously began at the recruiting station and coincidentally this was my first awakening of what kind of trash I was about to surround myself with. When I enlisted I was actually told to lie about my Asthma despite the sign in the rear of the office clearly stating the penalty for doing so. My recruiter was frequently late to appointments he had with me. He misspelled everything (which I was later to learn was going to be the trademark of if someone in the military wrote something). I practically registered myself into the Army. Something which I also didn’t understand at the time was why after every time we made an appointment, afterward he would say something along the lines of ??don’t be late?? sometimes 3 or 4 times as if he expected this to occur. Later I was to learn that the cause for this was the inability of the majority of US military personnel to be punctual without actually being threatened.

Another thing which struck me when I first began the recruiting process was how after every time I had finished conducting administrative business with my recruiter he would emphasize repeatedly to me, to not get in any trouble with the law, to not do drugs, and to not beat my spouse. I found these insinuations insulting at the time. I actually recall asking him who he thought I was to think I would do something like that. Later on I was to learn that these insinuations are known in the army as a Safety Briefing and they are given nearly every weekend whenever soldiers are somewhere where they can actually have a weekend off. They are given because the majority of soldiers are similar to or actually are convicts. Safety Briefings assure that legal responsibility of the Army for the actions of the solder are waived. So if someone gets in trouble and people start saying something along the lines of ??those damned soldiers??, the US Army can say that they specifically told them not to do anything stupid and the whole unit was a witness.

Despite these Safety Briefings, soldiers typically go around doing a lot of stupid shit on their time off. Perhaps you believe that my perspective is not objective. So I will provide the clearest evidence of all, towns around US Army and US Marine bases. In my time in the US Military I had the occasion to travel to Fort Jackson for Basic Training, Fort Benning for Airborne School, and finally Fort Bragg to meet up with my unit. Go to the towns surrounding these bases and you will find a disproportionate amount of prostitutes, gun stores, liquor stores, pawn shops, pay day loans, and strip clubs. There is more evidence I can provide but I would have to write a book.

Basic Training and AIT were mostly a joke. Airborne School had some ridiculous parts as well but I actually tend to believe that I can trust to a certain extent someone to hold their ground in a fire fight if they volunteered to jump out of planes to do it. The two activities are related in the way that if you jump out of an airplane you are willing to take life risks. However perhaps I am a little biased because of my own jump wings.

Basic Training and AIT provided technical instruction on how to do our jobs but at such a fast pace that retention of the knowledge was easily lost. I am not a foreigner to school or adverse to learning either. I spent 5 years studying engineering prior to enlisting in the Army and I enjoy reading. The US Army has an attitude that everything can be learned about a subject by going over it twice and then never having to pick up the manual again. You go over the material once when you learn it. You go over it again right before the ??test?? and then you get the ??test??. Let me tell you about typical Army tests during Basic and AIT. They gave us the answers to the test and the majority of the tests were open book. If you failed the test they would recycle you through the class until you passed.

Despite what people on the outside think, army training is mostly useless. I will give evidence of this. Go online and find an Army Technical Manual (TM’s) on any military vehicle. TM 9-2320-280-10, the operator manual for a humvee is a good example. Army Technical Manuals for vehicles are huge and typically are just one manual in a series of 4 or more gigantic books. The reason the manuals are so huge is because they try to cover every single possible operation and repair that could ever need to be made to that vehicle. They do this in EXTREME detail down to what size wrench to use because the powers that be are aware of how inadequate the training is. However go into any motorpool in the US Army and you are bound to find that TM’s are either available but on the computer out of bounds to the mechanics or are available but maybe an incomplete set. I’m only talking about military vehicles but TM’s can be found for nearly any piece of military equipment from your M-16 to the Apache Helicopter and all instruction is broken down to such a low level that anyone who can read and isn’t completely retarded can follow.

After your training you receive some grandiose job title like ??Petroleum Supply Specialist?? (a big title for some guy who goes around pumping gas) or ??Indirect Fire Support Specialist?? (guy who goes around carrying a grenade launcher). Then they give you some piece of paper that looks like a degree from a university that isn’t worth really anything at all. In fact, in the Air Force you actually do get an accredited Associate’s Degree from the Community College of the Air Force. However, it is widely known within military circles that this degree is not useful alone in finding gainful employment when you leave the military. It’s probably even a step below getting your degree online from University of Phoenix. Few employers surrounding a military base will hire you to do anything technical solely based on your job when you were in the Army. They already know by virtue of being next to the base how useless your training is.

I have some other problems with the military which I cannot exactly prove with evidence but I would like to state them anyways. I can tell what a bunch of morons the majority of military personnel are just from the way they talk and their day to day activities. It seemed that no matter what unit I was with or what base I was with I could not have a deep conversation about anything with anyone unless it involved NASCAR, sex, or sports. There is nothing else I could talk about with anyone. There are just so many examples. I actually work as a contractor with soldiers now and just the other day I had a soldier swearing to me that DOT 4 and DOT 3 break fluid were the same thing even though I know that they are clearly not (I’m ASE brake certified and this is a common ASE question). There are just way too many soldiers talking about shit they don’t know about like they do.

While all this shit that I have already mentioned is going on in addition to much more shit that I haven’t even mentioned people are coming in and out of the US Army. Here are some claims that I admit I cannot substantiate but have a strong feeling about. The majority of people who come into the US Military who are not completely worthless tend to leave after there first enlistment is up. The majority of people who are worthless tend to reenlist contract after contract because they could never hold a decent job in the real world. This applies even to officers and explains why so many officer’s have degrees in subjects like Sociology or Music. It also explains why so many high ranking enlisted soldiers have criminal backgrounds or were raised in low income households.

This is a bit difficult to deal with if you are a human being with an IQ of 100 or above. There you are at work doing your thing and here comes along some high ranking boss telling you what to do when you know damn well what a retard he is and why he just re-enlisted. In all likelihood (and this does happen all the time) he probably just re-enlisted for 6 years because he was impressed with a $6000 bonus. Un friggin’ believable

All these people of whom I have spoken are the people who you are expected to cover your back if you join the US Army. No thanks.

I’m going to stop and now discuss the few things I did like about the Army just to demonstrate some level of objectivity. I liked how the Army enforced exercise at the beginning of each work day. I liked how the Army taught me the importance and brought me back to drinking water more regularly. I think that these two factors may actually even prolong my life by 5 years.

I liked how the Army informed me about the job fair which led to my current job in the civilian world. Too many soldiers didn’t take their transition out of the Army seriously and blew off the advertised job fairs that were given to veterans (this explains the homeless vet phenomena) but I took advantage of those opportunities and as a result the Army helped me tremendously.

I also liked how women tend to give it up pretty easy to soldiers because they actually believe the facade that is perpetuated. I think I got laid twice just because of that.

Also, as an aside, I am aware that the US Army is also comprised of the US Army Rangers and Specials Forces (not special operations – those guys are useless also) and none of this dirt applies to them.

I generally hate all people including soldiers but I hate terrorists much much more. This explains why I am still working where I am. Actually while working out here in Afghanistan as a civilian I have met soldiers from many different armies around the world and have actually discovered that my experience in the US Army is actually very similar to the experiences of soldiers of developed countries worldwide. So I can imagine that it may be possible that the traits I have described are true to military personnel in general.

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