The rant to end all rants

By Hell_Is_Other_People

Hello everyone. I am a new member of what appears to be a fantastique forum for exchanging virulent hatred for our fellow man. Put simply, humans suck – It frustrates me that this is the case, but that’s the way it is. The cops, models, fat/skinny people, disloyal people, etc. I would write a rant on political correctness and the strangulation of freedom of thought and speech, but that’ll come later – provided people are interested.
I’ll start off with men and women. Both are shit, and deserve a neurological readjustment to save us from destruction. Misperception of masculinity and feminism are ruining the world. Men – Incomparable fools. As a male myself, I note a degree of irony in this, but hey – self-deprecating humour is the best humour. Anyway, to lay it out straight – men are no longer men. Masculinity has devolved, and the male gender has been castrated by corporate entities and new media. Traditionally, men were responsible, stable, agreeable, and honourable. Of a discreet character, a real man would never behave in an attention seeking manner, nor would he incite unnecessary belligerence for the sake of validating his conception of ‘masculinity’. Moreover, the occupation men held, alongside their conduct, nullified the necessity to behave in an overtly ‘manly’ way. Lastly, I highly doubt a man would consider it appropriate to dress and behave like a metrosexual. Now we see blokes trapsesing around in a pair of pink shorts, a singlet, and wearing horrible bleach blonde hair with ridiculous spikes and fringes. I mean, where is the decorum? Your attire speaks for you before you meet someone – “Loud” attire that I have described above doesn’t speak well for masculinity. The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room. Blokes these days are preoccupied with having bulging biceps (that serve no purpose other than to either impress or intimidate), a cute, WDYJD haircut, and bedding as many women as possible so he can rub it in his mates face and proclaim his superior sense of masculinity and sexual prowess. It’s pathetic. Where a traditional man would serve his interests discreetly, yet maintain a sense of loyalty and dedication to his mates, it appears that the contemporary male is little more than a primal beast prioritizing sexual encounters, superficial fashion & cosmetic interests, and generally being the biggest wanker in the room. Your WDYJD hair and moisturizer, and pitiful banter about the last girl you shagged would make your ancestors roll in their graves.
Women these days! Given that I’ve thoroughly criticized and dismantled the state of men in contemporary times, I think it’s only fitting to chew out the ladies (not what it sounds like, friends). Women have fallen VERY far from the tree that whoever in the sky ordained for them. No longer is there a discreet, tasteful elegance that allows a woman to retain her dignity with style, simultaneously evoking fiery attraction from every guy she passes. Today, a woman raises her skirt 20 inches and behaves abrasively in a club. Are the women of today so incompetent at inciting attraction that they have to lower themselves to debaucherous slutty behaviour? I’m not saying I dislike women with a short skirt and heels on, it’s a double standard – I like it, I just disrespect it. It’s a flawed concept but hey, I can be a flawed misanthrope. Furthermore,Feminism has ruined romance – a romantic is a man who apparently fails to acknowledge the independence of this new age woman. Feminism has also encouraged women to actively seek the inadequacies of the opposite sex and parade them to validate the notion that women are now superior. Wasn’t feminism simply the notion that men and women should be equal, or provided equal opportunity in societal circumstances? None of this ‘men are weak, abrasive, and evil’, bullsh!t. f**k, the early feminists would be rolling in their graves if they could see how vicious neo-feminism is. It’s insecure, bitter, and in my opinion a pathetic attempt to reverse hundreds of years of passive discrimination by demonizing the opposite sex. Men are horrid, horrid beings, but we’re no worse than women.Evidently, not EVERYONE, man and woman, is like this – but I certainly perceive it in the majority. Not all women are feminist sex-machines, as not all men are metrosexual aggressive wankers. But you get the picture.

Now onto the trivial things.

Models – Both male and female. Firstly, get a real job. Secondly, desist from your homicidal obsession with what you look like. Third, get a real job. How does standing in front of a camera, having manipulated your features with CGI and copious layers of makeput, constitute gainful employment? It’s pathetic. I don’t care how WDYJD you are, or think you are, you have failed at sustaining yourself in the real world – hiding behind a camera and makeup is hardly comparable to doing the hard yards in legitimate employment and earning something for it.
Fat people – YOU ARE SCUM! Whenever I see a fat person eating, I struggle to finish my meal. How can you let your self-dignity and worth decline to such an extent that you become an anthropomorphic replica of a blue whale? Do you have no dignity? Evidently not. ‘Bad genes’ aside, I have absolutely no empathy nor sympathy for the fat bass turd out there. What’s worse – fat acceptance movements. Let me get this straight, fatty – You want me, a healthy, non-obese person, to accept the fact that you lack the motivation and willingness to treat your body with the dignity and respect that it deserves, and requires to sustain your pitiful existence beyond 50? Hells to the no! I will not be drawn into a movement that validates mediocrity and laziness because of your feelings, or insecurity that people think you’re useless because your fat. Lose weight, or piss off.

Skinny people – Sigh – Being preoccupied with fitting into the smallest pair of jeans is weak and pitiful. It’s unattractive, you don’t look WDYJD, and you’re a complete idiot. ‘I’ll get fat, though’. No you bloody won’t! Plenty of normal rational beings can restrain themselves from gaining excess weight and still look like they haven’t spent a year in a concentration camp! It’s an irrational train of thought; unjustified preoccupation with your body. Irrationality merits little sympathy in my book. Not only that, how bloody impressionable can somebody be to have the assumption that the physique (if you want to call it that) of catwalk models is the norm? ‘But she’s so skinny!’. Yes, she is, and it’s unnatural – She’ll soon be afflicted with a myriad of health problems, and that WDYJD skinnyness will soon
dissipate beneath a hospital bed and drip. Grow up, put some weight on, and enjoy yourself for who you are, not who you’d rather be.

What else do I hate? Gangs. I’m talking about street scum that prowl the impoverished regions in my city in beat up cars, yearning for the opportunity to violently unleash on the innocent, vulnerable, and wholly undeserving. I sense an inordinate amount of insecurity in these young hoodlums – They are probably so desperate to validate the thought that they aren’t weak, or are tougher than the rest of us, that they become pathologically preoccupied with violence. But how does bashing some bloke on the street, particularly as part of a group, prove anything? Join a martial arts club and participate in an MMA if you want a real test of masculinity, or whatever. When they sleep at night, do they worry that they will be plunged into the fiery depths of Hades when they die if they aren’t perceived by God or whatever are hardarses? I have no idea, but it’s weak. Not only that, but criminals deserve little sympathy. Thanks to the abominable mockery of cinema that is Hollywood, criminals have been idealized as glamorous vagrants, not the vile, disloyal, mediocre bass turd that they are. When a criminal appears on the news, he isn’t recognized for his repeated disregard for legal institutions, but his ‘panache’ or style, whatever the f**k that means. And worst of all, law enforcement agencies, despite their increasingly large fiscal resources, are wholly inept at halting their behaviour. This conveniently brings me to my next point – That is, my derision of the Police.

I hate law enforcement – Not conceptually, the police are a necessary evil. If humans weren’t so shit, there’d be no need to monitor us and prosecute violations of the law. Actually, I despise the character of most individual law enforcement personnel I meet. They’re unintelligent, situationally unaware, and lacking in street IQ. 24 year old Constables who can’t control an aggressive drunken male in a bar brawl, for example – It takes five of the bass turd to restrain him. No longer do we have switched on, street-savvy Officers; they’ve been replaced by inexperienced children who’s Academy training repeatedly and vagrantly fails to simulate the reality of pursuing criminals. No, your little self-defence maneuvers won’t stop a 6’5 Samoan on coke, nor will ‘Desist from what you are doing and put your hands in the air’. f**k yourselves. Tactical police (ala SWAT) are a bit better, but like all good men they are too few. Similarly, they are unnecessarily criticized for being ‘overused’ or indicative of an gradual evolution by Police agencies into paramilitary activity. Well, idiots, as society regresses into an increasingly violent, unstable, and inhospitable entity, what little resources we have to prevent this are eventually deployed, however unsuccessfully. You’ll notice tactical police didn’t exist 100 years ago. I think you all understand my point in this regard – In another 100 years, what kind of Police force will exist?

Disloyalty – Perhaps the most pertinent point I can make in this uber-rant. Today, loyalty is perceived as an anchor, dead weight, a mechanism that inhibits us from achieving our potential given our duty to fulfilling the preconceptions others have of who and what we are. Well, my friends, I will argue the exact opposite. Loyalty encourages us to recognize that we can have faith in one another, and not drown with apprehension that we can’t trust one another. Lack of trust is the cause of most of the worlds problems – Think about it. But increasingly, traditional notions of ‘sticking up for your mates’ and ‘never letting a friend down’ are disappearing. In this egocentric, self-oriented individualist ‘society’ that we live in, the individual is prioritized, with complete disregard for your fellow man. That’s why in the workplace, people cut each other to pieces for the sake of a promotion, why we can never hope to unify globally to serve humanity (because countries are too busy serving short-term interests to collaborate), why friendships in highschool are destroyed and permanently ruin one’s perception of the value of friendship (therefore encouraging isolation and solitude). I can’t recall the last time I implicitly trusted someone
Maybe I’m just too angry. ‘Why care?’ you may ask. I’ll tell you why. I care because I am disgusted with the decline of the human race. That my fellow man is now descending into the abyss of mediocrity with complete disregard for the dignity that allowed humanity to transcend the animal kingdom and foster what was a beautiful collective of civilizations. I feel that only revolutionary or drastic solutions, like a volcanic eruption or pandemic, will resolve our issues because the pursuit of diplomacy has failed. Nobody listens, everybody is preoccupied with friggin’, fighting, or impressing one another that they cannot listen to the last few remaining voices of rationalism and logic. I am not afflicted by a messiah complex, I just simply wish for people to stop what they’re doing and think ‘What the f**k is wrong with me? How have I gone so long so mediocre?’. That won’t happen, though. Our environment is dying, we’re killing each other with increasing sophistication, we’re friggin’ too much and unashamedly choking the earth’s dying resources with too many mouths to feed. Perhaps the destruction of the human race is the most appropriate response to this (I didn’t say killing, keep in mind, that defeats the purpose). A natural disaster, maybe. Then we can allow the natural world to regress to its previous splendour, and the environment can repair itself in peace. We are a parasitical race, and return little of us to the natural world. It’s inexcusable, as is our behaviour.

To the mediocre majority, well – Serve galactic society by dying in a fire, I have no use for your inadequacy, mediocrity, and general selfishness. Rot in hell, you ignorant, incompetent and wholly useless wankers.

Peace and love to my fellow misanthropes, keep the fire of rage burning, we are the future.


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