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Would you live at a monastery or with the Amish?

By WillieDangDoodle   I don’t hate technology and science. But one of the things that I hate about the world is the fact that it’s almost impossible to become self sufficient nowadays. There’s a documentary series coming on British TV

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The Nature of Humans

By Deranged_Society   Quote: What do you hate about Humanities nature? * our innate sense of self importance and how insignificant and futile everything that defines the human race is – and our willingness to put this fact to one

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Something that troubles me philosophicaly

By PhenProximo Patinthehat wrote: I disagre that life is just simply meant to be lived. I think that turns people apathetic… and they do not have something to strive for which makes them feel cold. The quality of your life

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Cigarettes and other things you smoke

By Hell_Is_Other_People Cigarettes are blameless – you at some stage made the conscious, voluntary, and calculated decision as a sovereign individual with something resembling free will to partake in a dangerous, inane, and purposeless habit. Don’t blame cigarettes, blame your

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Nightclubs, and Other Late-Night Establishments

By Hell_Is_Other_People First saturday night off in a few months. Equipped with an evening to myself, I decided the most sensible way to spend the night would be to drunkenly amble across a dance floor, surrounded by fist-pumping morons with

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Behind the Facade of the US Army

By timanonymous This post relates to why I hate people by focusing on one segment of them, their military. The US Army is a sham. Before I start to explain why, I would like anyone reading to know that I

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The rant to end all rants

By Hell_Is_Other_People Hello everyone. I am a new member of what appears to be a fantastique forum for exchanging virulent hatred for our fellow man. Put simply, humans suck – It frustrates me that this is the case, but that’s

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Why the boss is an asshole

By Jim I wish I could sympathise but my boss is amazing. He??s 24 years old but knows every single thing, in fact he??s so confident in his vast knowledge that he refuses to listen to anyone else, he??s even

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F**k it, I Quit

By: Mental   Quote: To me “off the grid” means just that – not connected to and paying for electricity or other utilities – but that doesn’t mean you have to do without those things. Just because you don’t want

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Public Washrooms

I had the very, very unpleasant experience of visiting a Mac’s in Calgary very recently. There was a very urgent need on my part to use a washroom, and words cannot describe the happiness I felt when I saw the

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